WB Formats 2022

All-Star Choir Encouraging celebrities to sing with one voice Duration: 60' - 1 season In this uplifting and tuneful format, a dedicated choirmaster brings together an all-star choir featuring voices from the worlds of television, sports, and theatre. The choirmaster's unique skills are put to the test coaching an array of untrained celebrities, with the ultimate goal of recording a song, releasing it, and raising money for charity. Produced by: Twenty Twenty Original broadcast: BBC One, UK Acappella The greatest instrument on Earth? Duration: 60' - 2 seasons • Licensed to 4 countries, including New Zealand (TV One), Portugal (RTP) & Spain (Movistar+) From barbershop quartets to beatboxing, extraordinary vocal groups are put to the test - all without accompanying instruments or backing tracks. Different challenges showcase incredible harmonies and the power of the voice, ahead of one group being crowned the nation's best a cappella group. Produced by: Twenty Twenty Original broadcast: BBC Two, UK 100 FACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT