WB Formats 2022

10 Commissioned in Countries WATCH TRAILER The World's Strictest Parents Are liberal parents to blame for unruly teenagers? • Licensed to 10 countries, including the US (MTV), Australia (Seven) & Germany (Sat.1) Duration: 60' - 4 seasons A fascinating social experiment format exploring different ways of raising children around the world. In each episode, two rebellious teenagers get a new view of adolescence by spending 10 days living with strict parents in another country. Expect head-on collisions over daily discipline, educational values, and the expectations of parents who demand the best behaviour from their kids. From culture shock to personal enrichment, via temper tantrums and tear-jerking reunions, the teenagers live with strict new rules - and learn to feel the benefits. Produced by: Twenty Twenty Original broadcast: BBC Three, UK 106 FACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT