WB Formats 2022

Figure it Out The ultimate shopper's guide to saving money Duration: 30' - 11 seasons • Also produced in the UK (Channel 4) & Sweden (TV3) This informative show makes people think more seriously about money by asking questions such as “How do I make sense of my electric bill?” and “What is the price of dying?” Reporters, armed with a dose of humour, search for information about the economic motives of individuals and companies, while an accountant processes data and calculates the true costs. Produced by: BlazHoffski Original broadcast: NPO3, The Netherlands Dashboard Stories What will they be driven to tell? Duration: 60' - 1 season In this imaginative and intimate format, 10 drivers share their thoughts and feelings while alone behind the wheel. Driving to work, blind dates, family events or medical appointments, we'll hear what's on their mind as dashboard cameras candidly capture it all. Produced by: WBITVP Netherlands Original broadcast: RTL4, The Netherlands 107