WB Formats 2022

The Bachelor The smash hit format where a man hopes to find the woman of his dreams • Produced and aired in over 30 countries, including: Germany (RTL) & Ukraine (STB) - 11 seasons Switzerland (3+) - 9 seasons Russia (TNT) & Australia (Ten) - 8 seasons Sweden (Sjuan) - 6 seasons • Companion show, Women Tell All, also available Duration: 60' - 25 seasons One of the world’s most popular and enduring dating shows: an eligible bachelor meets a group of women, all potential romantic interests, from which he hopes to find the love of his life. He gets to know the 25 women through a series of dates and romantic challenges, held in a range of stunning locations. Each week, as tension builds and connections are made - or broken, one unlucky lady is eliminated during the famous rose ceremony, until only two remain. In a dramatic final, the bachelor must decide which is the woman of his dreams and if he wants to propose? Produced by: Next Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Unscripted Television Original broadcast: ABC, US WATCH TRAILER 30 Commissioned in Countries 110 REALITY