WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER WATCH TRAILER First Dates Café It's not just love on the menu Duration: 50' - 1 season A new daytime version of the long-running and hugely popular franchise, with a different, informal location - and more than love on the menu. The First Dates Café plays host to a wide range of people of all ages. Some may be looking for love but many more will be seeking interesting new friends and companions. Produced by: WBITVP Spain Original broadcast: Cuatro, Spain First Dates Cruise Singles set sail on the ultimate love boat Duration: 70' - 2 seasons • Produced in Italy (Discovery) Viewers will go overboard for this First Dates spin-off! Singles set sail for two weeks of tailor-made matchmaking and amorous adventures under the sun - onboard a luxury cruise ship. Can people find their dreamboat with a new range of romantic scenarios that include port visits, destination lunch dates, moonlit deck strolls – and even a love cabin? Produced by: WBITVP Spain Original broadcast: Mediaset, Spain 119