WB Formats 2022

Celebrity Treasure Island Celebrity castaways go head-tohead in the ultimate treasure hunt • Hit early 2000s series re-booted with a fresh new feel for today's audiences • Season 2 of the re-boot was the highestrated launch of 2021 for TVNZ • Also produced in Australia (Seven) & Ireland (RTÉ) Duration: 60' - 12 seasons Now in a second hugely successful season following a fresh re-boot after 12 years, this is a fun-packed and fast-paced primetime format – and the original islandbased adventure reality and survival show. 16 celebrities, split into two teams, battle it out on a tropical island in a bid to win cash for charity. The team captains hold all the power and can put anyone up for elimination. Individual and team challenges will test loyalties and rivalries as well as skill and wit. Contestants can win cash for their own charity, and food, survival goods or treats for the team, plus clues for the final. At the end, only three celebrities will remain on the island to embark on the ultimate treasure hunt. Who will find the buried treasure cash prize and be crowned the winner of Celebrity Treasure Island? Produced by: WBITVP New Zealand Original broadcast: TVNZ2, New Zealand WATCH TRAILER 12 Entertainment