WB Formats 2022

Brat Camp The last resort for badly behaved teens Duration: 60' - 5 seasons • 4 seasons produced in Germany (RTL) & also produced in the US (ABC) Six teenagers, struggling with issues ranging from bingedrinking to violent rages, are sent to a pioneering American 'Wilderness Camp' in a final attempt to change their behaviour. With nowhere left to turn, this feels like the last resort for their parents at home. For the kids, it will be the hardest thing they have ever done, but it could change their lives forever. Produced by: Twenty Twenty Original broadcast: Channel 4, UK BossBabes What does it take to be InstaFamous? Duration: 30' - 2 seasons Bold reality format that follows the high stakes and high-maintenance lifestyles of two young, glam socialpreneurs as they look to take social media by storm and become the next big thing. Provides a totally unfiltered look behind the iPhones, following personal and professional lives packed with huge drama, break-ups, larger-than-life characters and glamorous activities. Produced by: WBITVP New Zealand Original broadcast: TVNZ On Demand, New Zealand WATCH TRAILER • Top 3 ranked show on TVNZ On Demand, since service launch 125