WB Formats 2022

Classic Car to Auction Star How to make more money from your motor Duration: 60' - 1 season To get the best price for a house, sellers may renovate, decorate or take expert advice. And that’s the same premise behind this new format with car owners looking to get as much money as possible when selling their motors. In each episode, we meet two car owners about to put their vehicle into a public auction and learn the history of the models they are looking to sell – as well as what the owners think they are worth. The format’s three hosts, the main host who accompanies the seller to the auction, a car auction expert, and a mechanic, then appraise the car, take it on a test drive, assess any necessary repairs and estimate a dream price. Repairs are undertaken, giving useful DIY tips to viewers, and the renovated car is revealed to the owner. As the car goes up for auction, we’ll see how much it is really worth, what value the experts were able to add and how much cash the owner gained. Produced by: WBITVP France Original broadcast: RMC Découverte, France WATCH TRAILER 127