WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER Eat This Inside the kitchens - and heads - of ambitious chefs wishing to receive a Michelin star • Licensed to France (C8) Duration: 60' - 1 season This documentary-reality format follows five talented young chefs, each on the cusp of international recognition, as they do everything they can to earn a coveted Michelin star. Viewers are taken behind the scenes at each chef’s restaurant - and home - to hear their personal stories and witness the passion, dedication and adrenaline that fuels their lives. As they get closer to fulfilling their dreams, the stress and pressure intensify. Will new dishes stand up to scrutiny? Will critics give them great reviews? Can the restaurant survive financially without the hoped-for star? In the final episode, this year’s Michelin stars are awarded and it is revealed if any of the chefs are lucky enough to see their dreams come true. Produced by: WBITVP Belgium Original broadcast: SBS, Belgium 128 REALITY