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Fast Foodies A snackable, comedic cookery competition, celebrating fast food Duration: 30' - 2 seasons In each episode, a celebrity guest challenges the show's three regular high-profile chefs to cook their favourite junk food dish in an afterhours 'fast food fest'. First, the chefs have to recreate the celebrity's favourite dish and then they have to reinvent it, using the flavours, textures and essence of the meal as inspiration. In addition to eating all six dishes and determining the winner, the special guest plays games with the chefs, interviews them as they cook - and can even help out in the kitchen if they wish. From Big Macs to Hawaiian pizzas - and everything in between, watch as culinary masters celebrate fast-food legends in this refreshingly fun, silly and anything goes cookery competition. Produced by: Shed Media and Forest Productions Inc Original broadcast: truTV, US WATCH TRAILER • #2 original programme on truTV with Adults 18-49, behind Impractical Jokers 129