WB Formats 2022

6 Commissioned in Countries Duration: 30' - 2 seasons Produced by: Radio Karate Original broadcast: Nine, Australia WATCH TRAILER True Story With... Hilarious true stories, recreated for everyone to enjoy • Licensed to the US (NBC/Peacock), France (2 seasons on Amazon Prime), Germany (VOX), The Netherlands (MAX/NPO1), Israel (Keshet) & Spain (Amazon Prime) Two comedic hosts bring to life the nation’s best true-life tales that you've never heard. In each episode, the hosts meet a storyteller who recounts their amazing, surprising, funny and, above all, true story. Simultaneously, a carefully scripted recreation of events is performed by a cast of well-known faces. Dramatisations succeed in bringing a sense of the epic to everyday stories of glory… and sometimes even complete humiliation. 13