WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER Home Sweet Home Will a short-term house swap generate long-term life lessons? Duration: 60' - 1 season In this fun social experiment, two families from wildly different backgrounds swap homes for one week, immersing themselves in each other's lives and possibly having their racial, religious, gender, geographic or economic assumptions challenged. For example, a tech-obsessed family could swap with one that lives off-grid, a Muslim family could swap with Catholics or a rural family could swap with one that prefers urban living. Over the course of the week, they each live to their new home's dietary, cultural and religious preferences - and budget. They also get to spend time with each other's neighbours and take part in the other family's hobbies and key social activities. At the end of the week, the families meet, share their initial thoughts and any lessons learnt. The families also swap carefully selected, meaningful gifts. After 60 days, the families reconnect to reveal if they have implemented anything from the swap into their own lives. Produced by: Warner Horizon Original broadcast: NBC, US 138 REALITY