WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER The Choir Anything can be achieved through the power of song Duration: 60' - 8 seasons In this uplifting and tuneful format, a dedicated choirmaster trains disparate groups of people to prove that singing can transform lives in the most unexpected ways. Truly inspirational, it reveals fascinating personal dynamics and shows how music can overcome prejudices and differences to bring out the best in ordinary people. Produced by: Twenty Twenty Original broadcast: BBC Two, UK That'll Teach 'Em Will student time travellers learn lessons from the past? Duration: 60' - 3 seasons • 5 seasons aired and 2 more commissioned in Italy (Rai 2) This absorbing historymeets-reality format sees 30 teenagers living and learning together for a month at a boarding school, with everything recreated as it would have been in a period of the recent past, such as the 1950s or 1960s. An interesting social experiment that sets out to explore the ongoing debates around contemporary education techniques and examines if today's standards are slipping when compared to the past. Produced by: Twenty Twenty Original broadcast: Channel 4, UK • 2020 RTS Award - Best Documentary Series • Also produced in the US (USA Network) 143