WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER Six Degrees of Separation Reality adventure show that puts the theory to the test Duration: 90' - 3 seasons • Also aired in The Netherlands (NET5) & Norway (NRK1) • Season 1 in The Netherlands ranked as #1 unscripted series on NET5 • Season 1 in Sweden ranked #1 series with adults 15-24 on Kanal 5 Absorbing format that puts the widely held theory to the test that everyone in the world can be linked to another through a chain of only six people. Two hosts receive a message from a celebrity, sending them on a global adventure taking in stunning landscapes and vibrant cities. They are tasked with finding a link from step zero to the star in just one week, with every link in the chain taking them closer to finding the celebrity. Will the hosts make the right choices in this brilliant mix of challenge and adventure – and prove the theory right? Produced by: Nexiko Original broadcast: Kanal 5, Sweden 144 REALITY