WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER Repeat After Me Celebrities respond to a word in their ear, with hilarious consequences Duration: 30' - 1 season High-energy, hilarious hiddencamera format, inspired by a highly successful signature segment from the Emmy®-winning daytime talk programme The Ellen DeGeneres Show. A high-profile host enlists their celebrity friends from television, film, music, and sports to take part and follow their every instruction — via a remote earpiece. The famous faces interact with everyday people, who do not know they are being filmed, in a wide range of crazy, cringe-worthy and comedic situations. The most memorable moment of the night is crowned in front of a live studio audience at the end of each episode. Produced by: Warner Horizon Television Original broadcast: ABC, US • 2 seasons in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi TV) 148 REALITY