WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER The People's Court A real judge, real cases and real justice Duration: 60' - 22 seasons The compelling original format that created the entire courtroom TV genre, featuring a practicing judge and real litigants with genuine cases. Thought-provoking civil cases are reviewed and tried, and, based on current law, are resolved in a final and legally binding manner. Produced by: R.C. Entertainment, RDF Television, Ralph Edwards Productions & Stu Billett Productions Inc. Original broadcast: Syndication, US Judge Mathis Always a judge, but never judgemental Duration: 60' - 17 seasons A former judge, whose decisions are legal and binding, presides over a wide range of conflicts, offering resolution and counselling to litigants. Combining a refreshing mix of social commentary, humour, and humanity, they always seek to find a positive solution, even for the direst situation. Produced by: Telepictures Productions Original broadcast: Syndication, US • Also produced in Egypt (MBC) 151