WB Formats 2022

Bad Girls Arresting drama about a woman's prison Duration: Seasons 1-8: 111x60' This powerful drama depicts the trials and triumphs of prison inmates and officers in a notorious women’s prison. It’s a tense and sexually charged atmosphere, a hidden world where anything can happen. In this unusual community, warmth and humour are required in order to survive the system. Never shying from the darker side of incarceration, this original and controversial format explores the constant drama of prison life. On the outside are the women’s homes, partners and children. But on the inside, they must negotiate their places in the hierarchy and sometimes make shocking decisions. The relentless bureaucracy of the prison system and its regulations are set against the devious tactics of the smarter prisoners. Produced by: Shed Productions Original broadcast: ITV, UK A to Z Exploring every aspect of relationships – from A to Z! Duration: 13x30' In this smart, contemporary drama, Andrew is a ‘guy's guy’ who secretly believes in 'The One'. And he knows with certainty that sceptical lawyer Zelda has entered his life for a reason. Andrew intensely searches for and presents Zelda with evidence suggesting they are meant to be, and while a little overwhelmed, she is a realist - and facts and evidence are the only things she values - so she gives him a shot. As we follow the ups and downs of their relationship and navigate the modern dating world, where casual is now the norm and the misuse of an emoticon can be a dealbreaker, we also get to know the ensemble of characters in their life, including Andrew's goofball wingman Stu; Zelda's serial-dating roommate and law partner Stephie; and Big Bird, the enterprising owner of the dating website where Andrew and Stu work, who is intent on convincing people that love only works with an app. Produced by: Warner Bros. Television Original broadcast: NBC, US 157