WB Formats 2022

Go-Big Show Powerful performances and sensational stories in the world’s most extreme talent show! Duration: 60' - 2 seasons From wild animals and lethal weapons to stupendous stunts and fantastic feats, anything goes in this supersized, hosted talent show format - as long as the acts can shock, surprise and amaze. Each episode features three incredible battles, with a panel of celebrity judges choosing the first contender for each from three mysterious clues. The contender then chooses who they wish to face from the remaining two. The judges' favourite is put through to one of three semifinals. The two winners from each semi-final then pitch the judges about how they'll 'go big' with their act if chosen for the final. Three semi-final winners, plus a wildcard, star in the final's two battles, displaying supersized, career-defining performances. The judges interview the winners from each and decide who is most deserving of the Go-Big Champion title and a huge cash prize. Produced by: Propagate & Matador Content, a Boat Rocker Media Company Original broadcast: TBS, US • Best unscripted series launch on TBS in three years! Best unscripted series launch on TBS in three years! #1 SHOW WATCH TRAILER 16 Entertainment