WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER The Bunker An elite team, underground and under pressure Duration: Seasons 1-2: 20x60' This gripping, action-packed espionage drama follows an elite national security team operating from a secret underground bunker. As field service officers, the secret agents collect information 'in the field' to prevent major threats or disasters before it's too late. These threats can come from all sides: the extreme left, extreme right, terrorism, economic espionage, cybercrime, and all manner of other menaces to security — including threats from within the squad itself. Faced with such great responsibility and secrecy, the agents must be able to rely upon one another. Working under intense pressure and in fraught situations, the activities of The Bunker put their bonds put to the ultimate test. Produced by: Eyeworks Belgium Original broadcast: VTM, Belgium SCRIPTED 160