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WATCH TRAILER Burying Brian Be careful what you wish for! Duration: 6x60' • High-rating series in its target 25-54 demographic, achieving a 32% market share During an evening out with her girlfriends, Jodie has a few too many drinks and while moaning about men in general, she loudly wishes that her husband, Brian, were dead. Unfortunately for Jodie, she soon finds him stone-cold dead on her kitchen floor! It's an accident, but it looks bad for Jodie, so she turns to her friends to help get rid of Brian's body and convince everyone that he has run off with another woman. Again, fate intervenes. Brian did have another lover: the very young and very pregnant Kimberley. With a few smarts and quite a bit of luck, the ladies initially get away with the cover-up. But the ripples of what they've done just get bigger and bigger and the surprising secrets Brian harboured in life are about to be unearthed. And Jodie can only stay ahead of them for so long. Produced by: WBITVP New Zealand Original broadcast: TVNZ, New Zealand 161