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WATCH TRAILER The Closer Solving crimes, closing cases • Golden Globe Winner - Actress in a TV Drama Series • Adapted in Russia (Channel One) • One of the highest-rated series in the history of US advertiser-supported cable television Duration: Seasons 1-7: 109x60' An offbeat personality, a tough-as-nails approach and a track record as one of the country's leading investigators - these are just a few of the traits exhibited by a feminine yet forceful CIA trained detective who heads up a special police unit handling sensitive, high-profile murder cases. Her quirky attitude and hard-nosed approach to her job sometimes rub her colleagues the wrong way, as does the fact that she is a tough-minded woman in a department dominated by men. She was tapped to lead the team because she is a world-class interrogator, and when it comes to obtaining confessions, she is a closer – despite constantly struggling with her own imperfections and neuroses. Produced by: The Shephard/Robin Company in association with Warner Bros. Television Original broadcast: TNT, US 166 SCRIPTED