WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER Cops Ghent The everyday face of fighting crime in the city • Adapted in The Netherlands as Cops Rotterdam (NPO1) and Cops Maastricht (TROS/ NED1), with the latter surpassing the original with 16 seasons Duration: Seasons 1-10: 124x60' Set in a historic city that is also home to a lively modern university, this hugely popular and believable police procedural format initially centres around two young female police officers and their four male colleagues. It focuses on how the challenges of fighting crime can affect their personal lives and relationships, it emphasises their heartfelt compassion for the victims and even reveals the hilarious incidents that happen alongside the heartbreaking and hazardous stories. Over the years, the series gradually evolved into more of an ensemble piece, where story innovation and refreshing new characters have added to its long-lasting appeal. Produced by: Eyeworks Belgium Original broadcast: één, Belgium 168 SCRIPTED