WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER Cordon A deadly and contagious virus puts people into quarantine - and under pressure Duration: Seasons 1-2: 20x60' In this taut drama about how people react under pressure, a deadly and contagious virus causes a city centre to be sealed off, leaving inhabitants stranded in a quarantined zone. At first, they resign themselves to being cut off from the outside world, but when the quarantine is prolonged indefinitely, the mood quickly changes. Old conflicts come to a head, and new conflicts arise. But new alliances also form, and the nobility of the human spirit endures. Meanwhile, outside the cordon, a dutiful policeman and a reporter find out that they are being lied to about the cause of the contagion. And their questioning looks set to get them into trouble. If the quarantine is ever lifted, will life return to the way it was? Produced by: Eyeworks Belgium Original broadcast: VTM, Belgium • Ranked #1 in its primetime timeslot with all key demos • Averaged 35% share, with 858,000 Total Viewers • Produced in the US as Containment (The CW) 170 SCRIPTED