WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER David An innocent abroad offers fresh perspectives on modern life Duration: 209x30' A funny and touching format about the clash between nature and culture, and living in a world you cannot understand. Fifteen years ago, 12-year-old David fell overboard from a boat on a family vacation and disappeared, causing his parents to assume he had drowned. However, he was washed ashore on an uninhabited island. He managed to survive, despite severe memory loss, until Sophie, a researcher in the pharmaceutical industry, discovered the now 25-year-old by chance. Sophie takes David home with her and he re-enters the modern world with a clean slate. He’s a true innocent abroad and knows nothing of cultural conventions or social rules. He questions our way of life with common sense and while his naivety makes him an easy target, it allows him to hold a funny and unflinching mirror up to the people around him. Sophie tries to look out for him, to guide and protect him in this new world of intrigue, and, eventually, they develop deep feelings for each other. Produced by: WBITVP Belgium Original broadcast: VTM, Belgium SCRIPTED 174