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WATCH TRAILER De Ridder The pursuit of justice is never easy Duration: Seasons 1-4: 47x60' Sharp-minded and sharp-tongued, our protagonist (Helena De Ridder in the original) gave up a successful career as a defence lawyer after one of her cases ended in tragedy. Now she's making a new start, having changed sides to become a public prosecutor waging her own war for justice. Every episode of this intriguing drama follows her as she leads police investigations and initiates criminal proceedings in court, shepherding a criminal dossier from beginning to end, from indictment to sentencing. For this young, ambitious prosecutor, finding the perpetrator is not enough: she also has to see to it that the proper judgment is rendered. And that's never an easy task, for the world of crime and punishment is rarely black and white. Produced by: Eyeworks Belgium Original broadcast: één, Belgium • De Ridder continually outperforms the channel slot average, with audiences reaching over 1.4 million 175