WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER The Divine Monster A nation in crisis. A family in decline Duration: 10x60' Adapted from a critically acclaimed book series, this penetrating satirical drama chronicles the unfortunate series of events that suck her entire family downward when Katrien kills her husband in a hunting accident. Floating on the wave of general indignation, a frustrated examining magistrate wages a one man’s crusade against her powerful clan. Like a self-proclaimed white knight, he seizes the alleged murder as an alibi to dig up and reveal all sorts of hidden and shady family practices. Produced by: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama Original broadcast: één, Belgium Closely knit with the political and economical elite, this country’s own “Kennedy family” becomes the symbol ‘par excellence’ for everything that goes wrong in the nation. As a result of the events, slumbering old family conflicts rise to the surface again and undigested familial traumas take their toll. In their struggle against the government, public opinion and their own demons, the dynasty will either go down or find a new balance. Katrien and her family’s catharsis runs parallel with that of the country’s late 1990s' society. • A ratings winner in its timeslot for the whole series, with an average 41.8% share compared to the channel average of 34.5% 177