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Doctor Deen A medic becomes the glue that holds an island community together Duration: Seasons 1-4: 40x60' This involving, family-focused drama is big on adventure, romance – and everyday life. Maria Deen is a general practitioner who lives on a small island with her mother and three children. The series revolves around Maria’s professional and personal life and we are taken into her world, following as she strives to keep her neighbours fit and healthy, and her own family happy. In addition to being the main doctor, her work often sees her taking on a variety of other roles, including social worker, psychologist - and sometimes even veterinarian. The dedicated doctor is the glue that holds together a unique community of the island's original inhabitants and a motley collection of visiting day-trippers, tourists, writers, artists, and celebrities. Produced by: Kaap Holland Films Original broadcast: MAX/NED1, The Netherlands SCRIPTED 178