WB Formats 2022

Double Life Two women, one man ... and a huge lie Duration: 13x60' • Adapted in Russia (Channel One), where it ranked as the #1 scripted show • The original Belgian series ranked #1 in its timeslot, averaging 2.25 million Total Viewers with a 16.1% share For many years, a successful businessman has lived happily, apparently dedicating his life to his girlfriend and their children. But when he's away travelling on his frequent work trips, he’s actually spending time with his young and attractive wife. Each woman naturally assumes she is the man's only partner. However, when he is killed in an accident, the horrifying truth comes out and is revealed to both of them. Now, the women must figure out who can claim the wife's place at the funeral, what each of them is entitled to and, most importantly, how their lives will go on without him. Produced by: Eyeworks Belgium Original broadcast: één, Belgium #1 scripted show 2.5 million total viewers #1 SHOW 180 SCRIPTED