WB Formats 2022

Eastwick Will three witches seeking excitement get into bed with the Devil? Duration: 13x60' Based on the John Updike novel and the hit film The Witches of Eastwick, this comedic drama centres on Joanna, Katherine, and Roxanne, three dissatisfied women living in the picturesque town of Eastwick, New England. Yearning for excitement, each of the women desperately makes a wish for “something to change” in their daily lives. The following day, a mysterious and very secretive stranger named Darryl Van Horne arrives and begins courting each of the women in turn. Darryl eventually informs the women about their 'witch' talents and encourages them to explore their unique abilities. However, as the series progresses, the three unlikely friends begin to worry about Darryl's ultimate intentions. Sexy, bold and dramatic, the format explores the possibility that the perfect man may actually be the Devil. Be careful what you wish for. Produced by: Curly Girl Productions & Warner Bros. Television Original broadcast: ABC, US 181