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WATCH TRAILER Falcon Crest Control of a business causes a bitter family divide Duration: Seasons 1-9: 227x60' • 227 episodes produced in the US (CBS) • Adapted in Turkey (ATV) - 120 episodes produced Lust ... jealousy ... power ... money. A feud rages within the wealthiest and most powerful family in an upscale rural community, home to some of the world's premier wineries. The family matriarch and her nephew, both heirs to a vast estate, vie for total control of the area's most dazzling vineyard. The elderly woman is supported by her two daughters, one a vintner, and one emotionally disturbed, along with her overindulged grandson who is being groomed to inherit the vineyards. On the nephew's side are his wife, his teenage son and his rebellious teenage daughter. It's a ruthless battle of the rich, the influential and the spoiled. Produced by: Lorimar Productions in association with Amanda Productions & M.F. Productions Original broadcast: CBS, US SCRIPTED 184