WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER You Got This! Brilliant challenges put marvellous makers to the test Duration: 60' - 1 season • Aired in Germany (Sat.1) as a 120' format Hilarious, hosted competitive 'maker' show, in which creativity and ingenuity are tested to the max in a warehouse studio, crammed with useful objects and materials. In each episode, three teams of two, who believe they can make absolutely anything, compete in three progressively harder themed challenges inspired by online ‘How To' videos. Tasks are set against the clock and could include activities such as complicated hair braiding, creating a 20-layered wedding cake or carving a life-sized ice sculpture. A fun, engaging and highly visual format that successfully capitalises on the huge popularity of ‘How To’ videos and the current trend for making things. Produced by: CBC, Zone3 & WBITVP Original broadcast: TVNZ2, New Zealand 19