WB Formats 2022

Ground Floor Torn between a woman and his career Duration: Seasons 1-2: 20x30' In this workplace comedy from the writers of Scrubs, Friends and 2 Broke Girls, Brody is a promising young money manager whose career stalls when he meets Jenny. She makes him realise that he’s not as happy as he once thought, and this annoys his boss, Mr. Mansfield, who sees Jenny as a ‘life-unraveller’. He instructs Brody to cut her off, otherwise, he’ll not have the career he wants or be able to retire early. But Brody is torn. Isn’t life supposed to be about living? Produced by: Doozer in association with Warner Horizon Television Original broadcast: TBS, US Golden Boy The path to the top is not always paved with good intentions Produced by: Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions & Warner Bros. Television A gritty drama in which a young, ambitious police officer rises quickly within his department - perhaps through questionable methods - after becoming a celebrated hero in the line of duty. Each episode flashes forward seven years to the future when the seemingly golden boy has become the youngest police commissioner the city has ever seen and, just as quickly, it flashes back, outlining the paths he travelled on his swift climb to the top. With good guys and bad guys, what does it take to be a golden boy? Duration: 13x60' Original broadcast: CBS, US 195