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WATCH TRAILER Happy Hour of the Wolf A radical new way to find a better you, through divorce Duration: 8x60' This dark and slightly bizarre comedy-drama explores the different male and female perceptions of separation. It starts when Janne suddenly disappears while taking out the trash. The police tell his wife, Heta, a couples counsellor, that there’s nothing they can do - a person has every right to go missing if there is no sign of a crime. Troubled, she begins searching for clues, and finds only one: it seems Janne had undergone Happy Hour of the Wolf, a guru's radical new divorce therapy for men. Heta is incredulous - everything was so good between them. In pursuit of the truth, she joins four desperate divorced men in one of the guru's therapy groups. Together, they begin a strange journey towards their new lives. Produced by: WBITVP Finland Original broadcast: YLE, Finland 197