WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER Home Grown Will a farmer's new crop prove a field of dreams – or nightmares? • Ranked #1 in its timeslot, achieving over 60% share Duration: Seasons 1-3: 18x60' In this tragicomic format, a simple, hardworking family of potato farmers decides to grow marijuana after a con man steals the clan's life savings. Neither of the farmer’s two sons has shown much interest in the farm before – but he really needs their help now. Produced by: Eyeworks Belgium Original broadcast: één, Belgium Keeping the secret of their new, illegal crop will be a challenge. First from all the odd characters that populate the nearby village – and second, from the foreign fiancée of one of the sons. He met her over Skype and she's arriving soon! Will this change in business bring the family members closer together or tear them apart? And how will the son and his bride-to-be cope with the cultural differences that soon crop up? 199