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WATCH TRAILER How to Buy a Baby An 'unexpecting' comedy that injects humour into infertility Duration: Season 1-2: 20x7-9' • Winner of 2 Canadian Screen Awards: Best Web Series, Comedy, in 2019 and Best Writing on a Web Series in 2020 • Adapted in Sweden (10x22', Viaplay), with season 2 in production • #1 highest viewed original comedy series of the day on Viaplay (Sweden) and nominated for a Kristallen Award for Best Comedy Darkly funny and achingly honest, How to Buy a Baby is a scripted format that follows one young couple through their protracted decision to procreate (initially he wants to, she’s not so sure) - only to find out that they can’t. Well, at least not the fun way. But what happens when so many people are involved in the intimate act of procreation? We watch as their relationship evolves and matures, and as they struggle to conceive with the help of a doctor. And a nurse. And an embryologist. And an ultrasound technician. And a financial planner. And unsolicited advice from everyone they know. Can a marriage survive and thrive with the financial and emotional pressures of infertility? How much will two people sacrifice to make a new life? And what will the future hold? Produced by: LoCo Motion Pictures Inc Original broadcast: CBC Gem, Canada 200 SCRIPTED