WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER Last Dad Standing Who will be the first to laugh - and who will retain their composure? Each episode of this hilarious, improv-like, family comedy show sees three pairs of funny fathers and celebrity dads go head-to-head in ‘Dad Joke’ matches, held in a boxing-style ring. We learn about each of the dads from interviews conducted by two comedian hosts in the 'Dad’s Den', while partners and kids give insight into their comedic style and likelihood of winning. Each dad takes it, in turn, to tell jokes - with a red buzzer sounding for bad taste, inappropriate jokes or rule breaks. The first dad to laugh is eliminated, with ringside commentary and slow-motion replays re-living the moment. After the heats, the two remaining celebrities and two everyday dads face-off in the final episode, aiming to be the last man standing and crowned funniest dad in the country, winning prizes for themselves and cash donations for charity. Duration: 30' - 1 season Produced by: WBITVP New Zealand Original broadcast: TVNZ2, New Zealand 25