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WATCH TRAILER They Are Just Like Us Testing the panel's knowledge of animals and their antics Duration: 60' - 3 seasons • Aired in Germany (Sat.1), Belgium (VIER), Finland (Nelonen) & France (France 4) • Seasons 2 and 3 in The Netherlands both ranked #1 in their timeslot with a 20% share Entertaining and hilarious studio-based panel show with two teams battling it out to reveal who knows most about the animal world. The focus is on fun - and revealing the behaviours, habits, and characteristics of all kinds of creatures. For example: What do ants know that we've forgotten, or why are koalas a nightmare for police detectives? Packed with amusing and fascinating information about the animal kingdom, delivered in a fun, creative and inspirational way. Produced by: WBITVP Netherlands Original broadcast: RTL4, The Netherlands #1 show in its slot, with +20% audience share #1 SHOW 4 Commissioned in Countries 29