WB Formats 2022

The Big Escape In an escape room, it's wise to keep your friends close and your enemies closer! Duration: 60' - 3 seasons Capitalising on the global popularity of escape rooms, 12 celebrities are lockedup together in one of the most fiendish escape rooms ever created. Over the course of the series, they need to solve challenging puzzles and riddles and will go head-tohead in the ultimate test of brains, brawn – and nerves. They'll need to work together to succeed, and speed is all-important. The slowest contestant is eliminated in each episode. In the end, there can only be one winner. Who will prove the smartest, quickest, and most ruthless - and claim the cash prize? Produced by: BlazHoffski Original broadcast: AVRO/NPO3, The Netherlands • 3 seasons commissioned WATCH TRAILER 30 Entertainment