WB Formats 2022

2 Seasons Commissioned House of Drag Finding the nation’s ultimate drag star Duration: 30' - 2 seasons Nine fierce and fabulous drag stars move into a house together and aim to out-pout, out-pose, and out-perform each other in a bid to become the nation’s ultimate drag queen. With two sparklingly witty, high-profile queens on hosting duty, the contestants have to battle it out over a series of outrageous tasks. These could be anything from performing a stand-up comedy routine to creating an incredible new costume. The winning 'queen' each week selects which two fellow contestants are up for elimination before the hilarious hosts decide whose light to dim - until only one remains. Produced by: WBITVP New Zealand Original broadcast: TVNZ, New Zealand 'Evolutionary' - NZ Herald WATCH TRAILER 34 Entertainment