WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER Let's Ask... The unique format where contestants can compete from anywhere! Duration: 30' - 3 seasons • Also aired in The Philippines (TV5), the Middle East (Saudi TV) & France (France 3) • 690 episodes produced in the US • 122 episodes produced in France Leaving the studio behind, this ground-breaking format sees four contestants competing from locations all over the country via webcam. The contestants answer general and topical multiplechoice questions, trying to predict what other people in the country voted in a poll. Cash is given for each correct answer. After both the first and second round, the contestant with the lowest cash sum is eliminated, leaving with nothing. The two remaining competitors face each other in a third-round showdown. The winner collects the cash won to date, but will they increase or decrease the sum with a wager on one final question? Produced by: Telepictures Productions & ParaMedia Inc Original broadcast: Syndication, US 37