WB Formats 2022

Test the Nation Event format that tests the general public's IQ and general knowledge A live, interactive television event format that sets out to test the nation's IQ across a range of subjects, which could be as diverse as geography and music or parenting and politics. Hosted by highly respected presenters, it sees celebrities and citizens team up in the studio, and then compete to show their knowledge of the country. A big international hit that scores high on audience engagement: viewers playalong at home, comparing scores with the nation and studio teams. Format can be an annual event, and readily adapted to test the nation’s IQ or knowledge of a specific subject e.g. entertainment or the events of a particular year. Duration: 60’/90’/120’ 52 episodes: 2003 - 2017 Produced by: WBITVP Netherlands Original broadcast: BNN, The Netherlands • Aired in more than 30 countries including Australia (Nine), France (TF1), Germany (RTL), Italy (Rai), Slovakia (Markiza TV), Denmark (TV2) & the UK (BBC One) 30+ Commissioned in Countries WATCH TRAILER Entertainment 38