WB Formats 2022

This is the Future! Tomorrow's world today Duration: 60' - 2 seasons Combining a quiz show with a panel show, a nerdy host takes contestants through five entertaining rounds on a journey into our future. They explore the most impressive and crazy inventions, innovations, studies, and gadgets that will determine our daily lives in years to come. Produced by: WBITVP Belgium Original broadcast: VTM, Belgium Up-to-Date A date to remember Duration: 30' - 1 season A hosted daily quiz format revolving around topics and events from history that took place on the same date as the show's transmission. Who knows the most about 16th of May, or 8th of December? The winning contestant receives a cash prize - and will likely remember that date forever. Produced by: The Media Brothers Original broadcast: AVROTROS, The Netherlands WATCH TRAILER WATCH TRAILER 40 Entertainment