WB Formats 2022

Hottest Home Baker Home bakers compete over clever cakes and brilliant bakes • Aired in New Zealand (TV3), Denmark (Kanal 5), Norway (FEM) & Germany (WDR) • #1 format on FEM (Norway) Duration: 60' - 4 seasons A light, sexy, funny and highly entertaining cookery format that capitalises on the huge and continued interest in baking. Eight talented home bakers compete against each other, dealing with different themes - and eliminations - each week. Contestants are tested on their inventiveness as they take on different challenges – from cookies to cupcakes - while baking against the clock. Who can keep their cool in the kitchen and who will rise to the ultimate challenge and win the title of Hottest Home Baker? Produced by: WBITVP New Zealand Original broadcast: TV3, New Zealand 8 Commissioned in Countries WATCH TRAILER 44 Entertainment