WB Formats 2022

The Line-Up Turning clichés into cash Duration: 60' - 2 seasons A contestant faces seven line-ups of seven people who each share a profession or interest eg teachers or surfer dudes. Each group is ranked in order, based on correct answers to pre-set questions. Across two rounds, a contestant has to eliminate as many people as possible in order to win cash, by guessing which questions the members of the line-up can't answer. What does a fireman know that a lawyer doesn't? Produced by: WBITVP Netherlands Original broadcast: AVRO/NED3, The Netherlands Celebrity Splash! Celebrities dive in at the deep end Duration: 90' - 1 season Celebrities compete in an exciting, family-friendly, and often hilarious diving competition in front of a packed crowd. We follow them in training and then watch as they attempt backflips, somersaults and complicated dives from dizzying heights in order to impress the judges. Produced by: WBITVP Netherlands Original broadcast: SBS6, The Netherlands • Produced in 22 countries, including the UK (ITV), the US (ABC) & France (TF1). A new series launched in Romania (Antena 1) last year 22 Commissioned in Countries 47