WB Formats 2022

The 10... Who or what is the nation's Number One? Duration: 60' - 7 seasons • Licensed to 6 countries including Belgium (VTM), Germany (RTL) & Switzerland (3+) Before each episode, viewers visit the broadcaster's website to vote on a subject - anything from movie stars to favourite dishes - creating a Top 10. On the show, a host reveals the Top 10, counting down from 10 to 1, and supports each entry with original footage, amusing anecdotes, and interviews. Produced by: WBITVP Netherlands Original broadcast: RTL4, The Netherlands The Link Who can quickly figure out the links between questions? Duration: 45' - 2 seasons In this addictively entertaining game show, three teams race against the clock to find the link between questions. Rewarding daring, strategy, and teamwork, all they need to do to win the money is guess the connections and break the link. Produced by: STV Productions in association with LTV Productions Original broadcast: BBC One, UK WATCH TRAILER WATCH TRAILER 48 Entertainment