WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER The Misery Index Contestants look to win big by rating people’s real-life mishaps and miserable moments Duration: 30' - 3 seasons Hosted by a quickwitted celebrity, this is an outrageous and hilarious new game show format based around cringe-worthy moments and things going painfully wrong. Two teams, each comprising a contestant and two comedians, compete by guessing where insane real-life stories or viral video mishaps rank on the “Misery Index”. Over three rounds they climb the “Traumatron” money ladder by deciding whether, for example, dropping your phone in the toilet is worse than seeing your father naked! The contestant with the most cash after three rounds chooses one comedian to play alongside them in the final, where they have to correctly place three events on the Misery Index for a chance to win a major cash prize. Produced by: Grandma's House Entertainment Original broadcast: TBS, US 49