WB Formats 2022

The Big Performance It's time to shine in front of a crowd Duration: 30' - 2 seasons This uplifting format sees a charismatic choirmaster work to create an incredible choir from a disparate group of young novice singers. They've never sung in front of an audience before but, when ready, they get to take the stage at one of the world's biggest music festivals. Produced by: Twenty Twenty Original broadcast: CBBC, UK The Adventures in Barda Children come to the rescue of a magical new land Duration: 30' - 6 seasons Combining reality with fiction and animation, this children's format takes two kids in every episode and transports them to the magical land of Barda. With new identities, outfits and magical powers, they become warriors and magicians on a quest to solve a mystery and save Barda from its enemies. Produced by: WBITVP Denmark Original broadcast: TV2, Denmark • Also aired in Norway (NRK), Denmark (DR Ramasjang) & Sweden (SVT) 51