WB Formats 2022

TMZ Where reality is more fascinating than the hype Duration: 30' - 9 seasons This daily magazine programme covers the entertainment industry as it really is and celebrities as they really are, based on the TMZ Internet site. The format provides a fresh and honest take on this fascinating world and is delivered with humour, youthful energy, urgency, and an irreverent attitude. Produced by: Harvey Levin Productions Inc. & ParaMedia Inc. in association with Telepictures Productions Original broadcast: Syndication, US Street Smarts It's not what you know - it's what you think others might know Duration: 30' - 5 seasons • 5 seasons in the US Two studio-based contestants face-off to predict videotaped answers given by people on the street to pop culture trivia questions. With each correct answer in this comedy game show, the contestants earn cash to bet in the final round. Produced by: Syndicated Productions in association with Telepictures Productions & Divine Hammer Inc. Original broadcast: Syndication, US • #1 entertainment magazine show for 18-34 year-olds WATCH TRAILER 53