WB Formats 2022

WATCH TRAILER Outsiders Six comedians in the wilderness - will anyone thrive in the wild? • UK Launch episode performed +79% above timeslot average Duration: 60' - 1 season A hilarious format that sees three pairs of comedians spend a week in a forest, living off-line and offgrid, to see who can best cope in the wild. Each day, they are challenged in their pairs to undertake three wildly entertaining survival tasks such as felling a large tree, milking a goat or building a shelter. The comedic host of the show also acts as a judge and at the end of every day, they visit the forest and award special badges for successfully completed tasks - all from the comfort of their well-equipped and comfortable HQ. As the days progress, who will go from funny to feral? Who will surpass all expectations and win? And will the camp be kept together or collapse into chaos? Produced by: Renegade Pictuers Original broadcast: Dave, UK 58 FACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT