WB Formats 2022

2021 reboot launched as #1 show on Really +123% above slot average #1 SHOW It's Me or the Dog Coaching canines and their owners to promote family harmony Duration: 30' - 5 seasons Capitalising on the rise in dog ownership during the pandemic, this is the perfect format for people who are finding a new dog chaotic and challenging, disrupting the harmony of family life. In each episode, a respected, experienced dog trainer visits a family at home to witness the dog's unruly behaviour for themselves. Over the course of the series, a wide range of breeds are featured. The trainer works with both the dog and its owners to teach a range of simple and effective new training techniques to help bring harmony back into the home. After the visit, the owners should now have all the tools they need to keep their dog calm and are left to train alone. At the end of the episode, the trainer returns to check in on their progress. Produced by: Ricochet Original broadcast: Channel 4, UK WATCH TRAILER • 4 seasons + 2 specials commissioned in the US (Animal Planet) • 369 million views on YouTube with 1.18m subscribers. The Demon Husky had 24 million views • 714 million views on Facebook, with 2.26m followers 59